Friday, March 12, 2010

'Caprica' 107 - "Imperfections of Memory"

'Caprica' 1x07 - "Imperfections of Memory"

Daniel continues to fend of Vergis' attempts to buy the Caprica Buccaneers while Joseph searches New Cap City for Tamara's avatar. 

This episode gelled better than the last.  Dramatically, it was much the same.  There's very little to distinguish the two episodes, as they're both essentially just a continuation of the same storylines.  What began in the last one continues here, and will continue again in the next.  Problematic is the brevity of certain scenes, which are so short as to lack a point.

One scene in particular with Joseph in New Cap City, where his guide leads him to the entrance of a building.  This scene can't be more than 20 or 30 seconds long, and doesn't have a single bit of new information in it.  Joseph reiterates that if he dies in New Cap City (therefore blocking him out of the virtual game) he will have lost all chance to find his daughter.  Well, frankly, not only does the guide already know this, but so do we as the audience.  The scene could only serve the purpose of padding out the show's runtime, which is absurd since it already moves at an incredibly languid pace.

There are some action bits here to spice things up - New Cap City proves once again to be a violent, sci-fi tinged noir world.  And Zoe-Avatar goes on another date with her lab technician, this time into a Viper flight simulator. 

Ultimately, the thing that makes the entire episode worthwhile is the cliffhanger ending.  It's a moment that we've been building for through the last seven episodes, and hopefully it'll pay off next week.  It's a moment at the crux of the Daniel Graystone character - it factors into both his business and personal life storylines, and has huge implications for both. 

The other storyline here, of the budding 'friendship' between Amanda Graystone and Sister Clarice didn't have much movement, either.  That Amanda is seeing the 'ghost' of her dead brother is interesting more for what it could mean than for how it's played.  Is this a sign of things to come?  Is Amanda an instrument of god like Kara Thrace and Gaius Baltar?  Or is she just becoming unhinged over the death of her daughter, and then discovering her connection to the Soldiers of the One?

There are only a couple more episodes before the show takes a lengthy hiatus until the fall.  Hopefully, there will be some more movement in these storylines.  It's hard to keep interest in a show that only gives you a few minutes to grasp on to in each episode to keep you coming back for more instead of being thoroughly engrossing for the entire hour.